4 Best Cash Flow Calculator

best cash flow calculator
best cash flow calculator

A Cash Flow Calculator is a financial tool that helps you get the net cash flow of your business. Cash keeps moving in and out of business or a household all the time, and it is a really hard task to keep track off all of it manually.

A cash flow calculator takes into account all the outflows and inflows of the cash in your business and gives you a final net cash flow.

Keeping track of the cash is definitely the most important part of a business, the main purpose of businesses out there is to generate cash and a business won’t be able to do that if the cash flow isn’t monitored correctly.

Some of the most important jobs in companies and corporations revolve around measuring the cash flow, the larger the size of a business more complex is the cash flow system.

Calculating cash flows for huge businesses is a really difficult task, and most qualified personnel take on this task, but Cash flow calculators can be immensely helpful in small businesses where cash flows aren’t that complicated, a cash flow calculator can also be helpful in a larger business to come extent.

Once you start searching for cash flow calculators online you’ll notice that there is a wide range of calculators to choose from and most of them are pretty good, but this article’s purpose is to guide you so you can find the best cash flow, calculator.

It is hard to name a single calculator as the best one as it varies from person to person.

This article will mention some of the best calculators that the internet has to offer, a small review of each calculator will be given below, highlighting their pros and cons, so you can find the best one for yourself.

Calculating cash flow might seem like a tricky task to you, but once you are done with this article, you’ll be able to calculate cash flow confidentially.

Best Cash Flow Calculator

1. Wave: Cash Flow Calculator

cash flow calculator wave

Wave is a finance company that provides financial services to businesses, the services that they provide can be used by all types of companies but according to Wave themselves, they are focused mainly on small businesses.

They have services related to invoicing, payments, accounting, banking, and payroll. Wave is a trustworthy financial company whose website has one of the best cash flow calculators out there.

The calculator has a quite simple but detailed interface, you have to input the values of different cash inflows and outflows of your business related to customers, operations, investments, etc.

You can expand some of the inputs and get a detailed view of the constituents of your inputs. Make sure you enter all the values carefully and accurately.

The design of the calculator goes really well with the rest of the website, it doesn’t even look like there’s a separate section for the calculator, it blends in so well that it is hard to distinguish it from the webpage.

The website is designed really professionally; you will notice the composure of the website as soon as you open it. A light skin color theme is used uniformly on the website, giving it a soft and inviting look.

A person who has never heard of this website can tell from its immaculate design that the website is trustworthy and credible.

The main purpose of the website is to serve small businesses and help them find the tools that they are looking for, Wave does all of this flawlessly.

2. BMO: Cashflow Calculator

cash flow calculator bmo

BMO, also known as the Bank of Montreal, is a Canadian-based multinational bank and a financial services company, on their website, you can find things finance-related, like exploring mortgages, investment opportunities, financial advice, instructions on opening a bank account, and a lot more.

BMO is a pretty well-known North American bank, and they also have one of the best online cashflow calculators on their website.

BMO’s cash flow calculator is probably the most engaging calculator on this list, there are texts over each section that concisely explain the meaning of each section as you input them.

This cashflow calculator is best suited for household or personal cash channels rather than for a business, it has two main sections, income, and expenses.

You can add extra expenses and income if the default setting of the calculator isn’t fulfilling your needs.

The design of the website is similar to the conventional design of banking websites, it is not built around the tools and calculators but you won’t feel any difficulty while surfing through the website.

As a financial website, BMO’s website does everything pretty on point.

You can easily access all the contents of the website and navigate to the page of your choice from the header and menu.

Once you have entered all the necessary inputs, your net cash flow will be displayed at the bottom of the page, and the calculator will mention whether it is in a surplus or not. You have the option to display your cash flow annually or monthly.

3. MD Financial Management: Cash Flow Calculator

cash flow calculator mdm

MD Financial Management is a finance company that provides financial solutions and services, as you tell from its name. They offer financial planning, insurance, estate, trust, banking solutions, and investment opportunities.

Their website pivots around financial services as that is their main objective but they just happen to have a really efficient Cash flow calculator that can be used for free by anyone.

The calculator is designed with a great UI and is pretty much self-explanatory, it has two sections, one for outflows and one for inflows.

Make sure you select the options at the top of the calculator to identify whether you want to calculate for a single person or a couple.

As you can already tell by now this calculator is meant to be used personally and not for a store or business, cash flow calculators built around the idea of helping businesses are a bit more complex.

From a design point of view, this might be the best calculator on this list, the colors, the font style the size and the subtle design elements all fit perfectly together.

The website is designed just like the calculator and you will see the same elements in the design of the website that you’ll see on the calculator. This website is adequate in terms of practicality and looks.

Once you are down with the inputs, the results will be displayed at the bottom of the page in a orderly manner giving you the total inflow, outflow and unallocated cash flow.

4. Bplans: Cash Flow Calculator

cash flow calculaltor bplans

Bplans is a business website that helps users in business planning, business growth, funding, and starting new businesses.

They also have blog section that you can visit if you want read about the latest stuff on growing and starting a business. These blogs can be of great help to you if you are business owner or want to start a business from scratch.

You can probably tell by now that their Bplans‘ cash flow calculator is designed for businesses and not for personal use.

Just like all the business cash flow calculators, this calculator is also quite detailed so make sure you shave accurate data before you start using this calculator.

The input sections are divided into 3 parts, Sales and Profits, Starting Balances and Cash Payment and Delays.

Design of the Bplans’ website is very simple and minimal, they have used normal fonts and color which actually give the website a really professional Vibe.

End Note

Cash Flow is a really powerful tool if you use it correctly, make sure you have the right numbers about your business before you start using a cash flow calculator.

It wouldn’t matter if you have the best cash flow calculator if you don’t have the right data. Quit doing cash flow calculations manually and save your time and your money.

All of the cash flow calculators mentioned above are more than capable of providing you with accurate answers just find the one you feel most comfortable with.

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