5 Best Binomial Theorem Calculator

best binomial theorem calculator
best binomial theorem calculator

Binomial theorem calculator is a tool that applies the binomial theorem formula to expressions for you, you just need to enter the expression and its power, and the rest will be done by the calculator.

Binomial theorem calculator can be a really handy tool considering how tiring and lengthy a binomial problem can be.

The binomial theorem is part of advanced mathematics, this concept is something you learn at a college level and isn’t included in basic math curriculums.

The binomial theorem is used to expand a function that is of a higher power and its expansion is not possible with the basic techniques.

Binomial theorem uses a formula that was invented by one of the greatest scientists who ever liven, Isaac Newton, in the year 1736.

The binomial formula can be lengthy and confusing at times and it is certainly not a simple formula so a lot of people are bound to find it difficult.

This article will discuss some of the best Binomial theorem calculators that you can access easily, they generally carry out the same functions and do the same calculations because they all follow the same formula but you will notice a few differences as you go through them.

You will feel more confident with Binomial theorem problems once you go through this article and find the best Binomial theorem calculator for yourself.

Best Binomial Theorem Calculator:

1. Symbolab: Binomial Expansion Calculator

binomial theorem calculator symbolab

Symbolab is website that is all about calculators, they mostly deal with calculators related to math topics, like; Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics, etc, but they also have calculators related to finance and science.

Symbolab is a widely used website and going with their Binomial theorem calculator would be a wise choice.

The Binomial theorem calculator can be found in the Algebra section of the website and provides quite an intuitive interface.

You have to enter the equation in the big white input bar, there are expressions and functions given at the top of the calculator so you don’t have to type them in manually.

The overall design and layout for both the calculator and the website are pretty uniform.

You can see how all the elements of the calculator are organized perfectly which always seems inviting and attractive to the user. Symbolab certainly gives one of the best user experiences when it comes to Binomial theorem calculators.

Once you have entered the expression you want to expand in the input section, click ‘GO’ located on the right side of the calculator and the results will be displayed below.

You won’t only get the final expansion of that expression but all the steps leading to it would also be mentioned.

Symbolab is a good choice for someone who is looking for a great user experience or design, and wants details with the answer.

2. BYJU’S: Binomial Expansion Calculator

binomial theorem calculator byju

BYJU’S is an online educational portal and is used by millions of students and teachers around the globe, it is one of the largest educational technology companies in the world, and all of their calculators are pretty reliable.

BYJU’S doesn’t only have calculators, they have tons of material related to all sorts of subjects.

You find BYJU’S Binomial Expansion Calculator in the ‘basic calculators’ section, their binomial theorem calculator is actually powered by WolframAlpha, another brilliant educational technology company.

There are two input boxes on this calculator, one for the expression and the other for the power it needs to be raised to, make sure you fill that in carefully.

The design and UI of the BYJU’S website are pretty well structured, you can surf through the website without facing any problems or glitches.

The design of the calculator is also good but they could have expanded it a little as it seems small in proportion when compared to the rest of the website.

Once you have entered details in both input sections, click ‘EXPAND’, and a new window will pop up with the results.

The window takes a few seconds to compute the results and then displays them in an orderly manner. You can view the step by step solution if you want to but it will take you to another tab for that.

3. SnapXam: Binomial Theorem Calculator

binomial theorem calculator snapxam

SnapXam is a website that totally focuses on maths, alongside the calculators you will also find different math topics and solving methods on the website.

There are dozens of calculators related to all sorts of math subjects, and their Binomial Theorem Calculator is one of the best calculators out there.

The layout of SnapXam’s Binomial Theorem Calculator is almost similar to that of Symbolab discussed above.

A huge white input section to enter the problem and a section for arithmetics and expressions at the bottom of the calculator, but Symbolab still managed to give a slightly better user experience.

SnapXam is well above average from a design point of view, soft colors and font make it easy for the user to use this calculator for extended periods of time.

There are very few ads on the websites, even if you notice them you wouldn’t most definitely be bothered by them.

Click ‘GO’ once you have entered the equation you want to solve, the page will refresh and the answers will be displayed at the bottom of the calculator.

If you scroll down you can find an in depth step by step solution, but to fully unlock it you need to create a premium account, which is a bummer.

4. Calculator-online.net: Binomial Theorem Calculator

binomial theorem calculcator online net

Out of all the calculator websites mentioned on this list, Calculator-online.net is probably the least used one, which also makes it the most underrated Binomial Theorem Calculator on this list.

Calculator-online.net has a wide variety of calculators related to Math, Finance, Health, Science,

Information and Conversions. Their Binomial Theorem Calculator is a pretty solid tool and well deserves its place on this list.

This calculator has a pretty simple design and ‘easy to use’ layout, it has two input boxes like the BYJU’S calculator. One for the equation and one for the power that the equation is going to be raised to.

There is a keyboard icon on the calculator that when you click a small menu pop ups so you don’t have to input all the signs manually.

The design of the website and the calculator is free from any errors or glitches but lacks aesthetics.

There aren’t many design elements used on the website and the ones that are used don’t really succeed in doing their job, leaving the website an unorganized and incomplete look same goes for the calculator layout.

Click calculate once you have entered all the inputs, the page will refresh and you will have your results at the bottom.

The computational speed of the calculator is pretty fast but Calculator-online.net gives you no step by step details for the solution.

5. Cue Math: Binomial Expansion Calculator

binomial theorem calculator cuemath

Cue Math is an online educational portal for maths, it is mostly for students between primary school and high school.

They are mostly focused on online math classes for students but also a few calculators on their website. Both teachers and students can use their portal for their respective requirements.

Their binomial calculator has the most unique design on this list, you have two input sections one for the equation that you are expanding and the second on the top of the first section as the power of that function.

The font size may seem a bit small but you get easily used to it.

The design of Cue Math is pretty basic but does not seem outdated at all, professional and fun at the same time, carrying the theme of students and teachers with it pretty nicely.

There are absolutely no ads on the website which not only uplift the design but also provide a better user experience.

Click ‘Expand’ once you have filled in the problem, the solution will be shown below pretty quickly.

End Note

Binomial theorem has a lot of applications in advanced mathetics, it is not just limited to the expansion of an equation.

The theorem can be a bit confusing for people who aren’t really that interested in maths, it sometimes confuses people who are good at it. Regardless of how good you are at math, you are bound to make mistakes when dealing with binomial equations.

This article has reviewed the best binomial theorem calculators for you, hopefully, you will find them super helpful and practical, make sure you try them all out before choosing a defined winner for yourself.

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