6 Best Balance Chemical Equations Calculator

best balance chemical equations calculator
best balance chemical equations calculator

Chemistry is something that can be found in every fabric of this Universe, and it is a phenomenon upon which the existence of everything around us depends upon.

From the birth of a star to the death of a human being, it’s all chemistry.

Chemistry is such an important part of our life which is the reason why it is such an important part of the school curriculum.

If you have ever studied chemistry or you are studying it, chemical equations are something you must be aware of.

Chemical equations are what chemistry is based on, they are depictions of the reactions that take place between different chemicals. For a chemical equation to be practical and stable, it needs to be balanced.

The number of each element on the left side of the equation should be equal to the number of elements on the right side.

Balance chemical equation calculators are something that can help you balance chemical equations, and lets be honest, chemistry is not a simple subject, nothing this vast is.

These calculators can help you save a lot time by balancing a chemical equation for you.

This article discusses some really good calculators so you can find the best balance chemical equation calculator for yourself.

Best Balance Chemical Equations Calculator

1. WebQC.org’s Online Balancer

balance chemical equation calculator webqc

WebQC is an online portal that has different tools related to science, and you can find a bunch of calculators for chemistry and physics on this website.

Their online balancer in the chemistry section is designed to balance any chemical equation you want.

The interface may seem a little complicated at first glance, but it is pretty straightforward once you start using it. The website feels congested due to the mediocre design and placement of instructions directly under the calculator.

It would help if you went through these instructions as they guide you on how to use the calculator. Just type your unbalanced equation in the section labeled ‘Enter a chemical equation to balance.

You will start seeing suggestions as soon as you start writing you’re equation, and you will probably find your equation in those suggestions.

Click ‘Balance,’ and you will see the resulting balanced chemical equation as a result.

2. BYJU’S Chemical Equation Calculator

balance chemical equation calculator byju

BYJU’S is arguably one of the largest education technology companies.

They have everything you can think of related to education. Students and teachers widely use their calculators and tools on a daily basis, and their Chemical equation calculator is a quite simple tool to balance chemical equations.

This calculator has a very user-friendly interface, the layout of the website is also well organized, and you get a good virtual environment when using this website.

You should read the instructions given by the website for using the calculator, they have explained it pretty clearly and compactly.

Enter the chemical equation you want to balance in the input section and press the ‘Balance’ button, and a separate window will pop up with the results.

You can view the results in detail in this window. The pop up window has numerous for the same reaction, giving us its structure, the rate of reaction, the equilibrium constant, etc.

BYJU’S website is a trusted portal used by millions around the world, you can’t go wrong with BYJU’S balance chemical equation calculator.

If you find too many details in the result window, a little extra then you can try out other calculators.

3. ChemicalAid.com’s Chemical Equation Balancer

balance chemical equation calculator chemical aid

Chemical Aid is a website dedicated to chemistry and chemical calculators. You find a number of calculators alongside their chemical equation balancer.

The interface and presentation of the website isn’t the greatest but the calculator itself is really simple to use.

You can write the chemical equation or you can click the tool icon under the input section of the calculator. When you click the tool icon, a periodic table will open with numbers and signs.

You can use this table to input the chemical equation you are trying to balance.

This simple tool makes the input process quite easy, as you don’t have to worry about the format of the input that much. There are fewer chances of error if you use this periodic table for entering a chemical reaction.

Click ‘Balance’ once you have entered the unbalanced equation, the page will refresh, and you will get your equation balanced.

Chemical Aid allows you to edit the equation, and you cal also  see the steps of balancing the equation by clicking ‘Steps’

4. Calculatored’s Chemical Equation Balancer Calculator

balance chemical equation calculator calculatored

As you can tell by its name, this website is all about calculators, and not just science calculators but finance and health can also be found on this website.

The interface of the calculator itself isn’t that bad but the ads give the website an unprofessional view.

Enter the chemical equation you want to balance in the section labeled under ‘Equation’, you click the ‘Load Example Equation’ button to enter a random equation if you want to check out its format or just want to try the calculator with a sample equation.

If you scroll down the page a little, you will find a periodic table and some signs used in a chemical equation. You write the equation manually or the periodic table to enter the equation.

Click the ‘BALANCE’ button, and you will be directed toward the bottom of the page, where you can see the balanced equation.

At the bottom of the calculator you will see some instructions that you should read, especially if you are entering the equation manually.

Calculatored Chemical Equation Balancer wont give you a lot of details on how the equation was balanced or the chemistry behind it.

5. Equationbalancer.com

balance chemical equation calculator equation balancer

The websites that have been discussed until now are not solely focused on balancing chemical equations, they have numerous other tools. Equation Balancer’s website is dedicated to balancing chemical equations.

The website has a good minimalistic design but like all the other websites the thing you hate to see here are the ads.

These ads cover a huge area of the website and can be annoying and distracting, but this is something you will experience in almost all calculator websites.

You use the number buttons and the periodic table to enter the equation, or you can just enter the equation manually.

Something you might find annoying is that the page scrolls up whenever you select an element from the periodic table, and this reflects a really bad user interface.

Click ‘Balance’ and you will be directed to the bottom of the page, you might have to wait a while for your balanced equation to load.

6. Chemical Balancer by Imel Rautenbach

balance chemical equation calculator Imel Rautenbach

Balance chemical equation calculators that have been mentioned so far are all websites, although all these websites provide you with accurate chemical equations calculators, mobile apps are still something that you will probably prefer over desktops.

All the calculators mentioned work fine on mobile internet browsers, but they still don’t feel as good as the mobile apps.

Chemical Balancer is a very intuitive app for balancing applications. It also the most downloaded chemical balancing app. It has the most straightforward and cleanest interface out of all the calculators mentioned.

Just enter your equation and click ‘BALANCE’; you will have a balanced chemical equation is less than a second.

The app gives to extra details or steps for balancing the equation, this calculator should be your choice if you want a seamless experience without any extra details and distractions.

How are Chemical Equations Solved

Balancing chemical equations is something you do throughout chemistry, and you don’t always have calculators when solving a chemical equation. It might be convenient to understand the concept behind balancing it.

Atoms and/or compounds on the left side of the equation react to form atom and/or compounds on the right side.

The chemicals that are formed after a reaction might contain a different number of atoms for each element than they had before the reaction.

Due to this, an imbalance in the number of atoms of the same element on both sides arises but for a chemical reaction to be practical this imbalance shouldn’t exist.

So you need to find a common multiplier of these atoms on both sides of the equation so the balance is maintained.

Balancing an equation is not as simple as this, but hopefully, this gives an idea behind the concept of balancing equations.

End Note

Balancing equations can be a hectic task sometimes, especially when dealing with complex reactions, a balance chemical equation calculator  can make your life a lot easier.

Best calculators for balancing equations have been mentioned in this article; find the one that best suits you.

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