Sniper Skill Damage Calculator

Sniper Skill Damage Calculator

Sniper Skill Damage Calculator

The sniper job class in Ragnarok Online are played by those who wish to master the bow. There are many different builds that you could choose with the sniper job class. You can use a build that’s easy for leveling like a powerhouse sniper that focuses on AGI/DEX, you could go with a trapper sniper that focuses more on traps, or you could go with a falcon build. A falcon build is easily one of the more fun classes to play. Unfortunately, it’s not a really popular class to play due to the fact that the damage output is a little lower.

What Is The Sniper Skill Damage Calculator About?

If you’re going to make a falcon build or any other sniper build, then you’re going to want to figure out the total status that you need for your build.

Why Use The Sniper Skill Damage Calculator?

You don’t have to calculate the INT or DEX yourself if you’re trying to figure out a build. This is great if you’re not great at calculating builds yourself. You have to keep in mind that falcon damage is based on your stats of INT and DEX, so you need to know how to use this Sniper Skill Damage Calculator.

How To Use The Sniper Skill Damage Calculator

Your output is going to be the INT and DEX total stats that you need. You can also calculate land mine (earth), claymore trap (fire), and freezing trap (water) trap damage. After that, you get your Falcon damage which shows auto blitz, aoe blitz, and falcon assault. Finally, you get your monster info.

Your inputs would need to be your base level, INT (base status), INT (bonus), and DEX (bonus) stats. You would need to put in your beast mastery (increases falcon damage), trap research, owl’s eye, improve concentration, deterrence, true sight, detonate, and blessing.

Finally, you would click if your Morroc Bow is equipped and if you have monster Stun status. Make sure you note if you have a food buff for INT or DEX before choosing which monster on the drop-down menu.

Happy falconing!

This guide will calculate sniper skill damage specially falcon skills assuming all the skills are at their max level. Use the slider instead because fields may exceed their max value.

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