PUBG Scope Sensitivity Calculator

PUBG Scope Sensitivity Calculator

PUBG Scope Sensitivity Calculator

PUBG is still a popular game. Though it has lost some ground with other great battle royale style first-person shooters, it still has a thriving community of competitive players looking to get every advantage they can in order to win that elusive chicken dinner.

It’s also attracting players from other first-person shooters who want a different experience than the ones they are used to. Playing the same game all the time can be comforting, but variety is the spice of life and the spice of gaming.

If you are a transplant from another game, or if you enjoy the feel of aiming in other shooters over PUBG, there is a solution for you. It can be tough to adapt to a new set of mechanics, and getting used to unfamiliar or uncomfortable aiming can make that process take longer.

PUBG Scope Sensitivity Calculator

The PUBG scope sensitivity calculator will save you some time and effort making comparative calculations or trial and error aiming drills during combat. It can be really discouraging to get a bunch of losses under your belt before you can even dial in the basics.

 The calculator is easy to use once you make sense of all the inputs for the calculations and the offered outputs. The easiest way to proceed is to first pick the game where your mouse sensitivity is already dialed in for your style of play. The automatic setting for equivalency is CS:GO. If you’re trying to match PUBG up with Overwatch or Apex: Legends or Fortnite, there is a wealth of information out there that would fit into this calculator.

The equivalent input for CS:GO is 4/3, so the numerator is the left number and the denominator is the right number, if it’s laid out like a traditional fraction, the numerator is the top number and the denominator. Once you have your equivalency number for your shooter of choice you need to put in the aspect ratio of your monitor or the aspect ratio you enjoy running the game in.

You also have the choice of optimizing for specific weapons by clicking on any of the selections of SMGs, Handguns, and Assault Rifles. The last number you need to have handy is the DPI for your mouse. Once you have all those numbers entered into the calculator on the left, you’ll see the results on the right-hand side of the page.

This calculator has been built to make porting your favorite first-person shooter mouse sensitivity settings simpler and faster. It’s easy to forget that feeling comfortable aiming with your mouse is the primary thing that makes good players great players, and it’s a bummer trying to figure this stuff out all on your own.

You’ll have to jump into games to test it, and potentially gain losses, which is discouraging for first-person shooter veterans as well as newcomers. Save yourself a headache, and potential heartache and check out this calculator before you change up the game you play. Good luck, and good hunting.

Calculates PUBG scope sensitivities based on the principle of a constant 'equivalency distance', defined by the Q parameter in terms of distance from the center of the screen to the top or bottom of the display. The default Q value (4/3) emulates zoom sensitivity in CSGO. Updated August 19, 2018.

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