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Overwatch Sensitivity Calculator SirDodgy

Overwatch Sensitivity Calculator SirDodgy

Mouse sensitivity is an important thing to have dialed in when you are playing a first-person shooter. If you want to go from good to great, you need to feel as comfortable aiming as possible. It can be tough however to keep yourself at peak performance across different games.

Since gaming engines for first-person shooters vary, and sometimes wildly, it can be tough to muddle through and find the mouse sensitivity setting that feels the best for your style of play.

Overwatch Sensitivity Calculator

If you play Overwatch and are struggling with your controls, or if you are a Team Fortress 2 or CS:GO player who wants to get a little spice in your gaming routine, there is a calculator available to take the guesswork out of finding your aim.

The sensitivity calculator is pretty easy to use. The first part that you’ll need to find out is either your Source engine or Quake engine sensitivity. If you don’t know what that sensitivity setting is, you can also use your cm360, or inch360 for the imperial system users.

Once you have either of those values you can move on to your mouse DPI if you used your cm360 and not the Source/Quake sensitivity. If you like playing with scoped weapons you can optionally put in your scope ratio.

Once you’ve got all that into the calculator, the answers will be visible on the right-hand side. It also has a converter for your Overwatch sensitivity if you want your CS:GO sensitivity to match your Overwatch settings.

If you’re a veteran of Team Fortress 2 and want to hop across to a different game every once in a while without the hassle of finding the right aim feel, this calculator will save you a ton of time and frustration.

You won’t have to worry about guessing what sensitivity you need to set and then lose a few matches testing based on just feeling alone. No more trial and error leading to lower competitive stats and morale diminishing defeats.

If your main game is CS:GO this will also help. You’ll want to take advantage of all your in-game experience playing with a team and working co-operatively while figuring out what role you want to fill in your team instead of trying to learn how to aim every time you change a hero and role.

It can be hard enough to figure out what role is your strongest without also having to fight with your mouse to draw down on a target or maintain your aim to heal your front line fighters. Save yourself the time and effort of finding your aim and use that extra time to understand what role you are comfortable in, and shoring up the gaps in your play.

It’s tough to start a game from scratch, especially if its a format that you have a lot of experience in already. If you’ve been playing any first-person shooter for a while, you know that your instincts for positioning and snap aiming need to be on point to be a real competitor. Why would you want to turn back the clock on all that when starting a new game?

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