FIFA SBC Rating and Cost Calculator

FIFA SBC Rating and Cost Calculator

FIFA SBC Rating and Cost Calculator

If you are one of those FIFA players that loves ultimate team you probably already know what squad building challenges are then we have a link to a crucial tool that can help you progress in the SBC challenges.

This calculator is linked at the bottom. However, you may be one of those that are new to FUT and need to find the best way to make coins. The best way to make coins as a new player is to do squad building challenges.

FIFA SBC Rating and Cost Calculator

What is FIFA SBC?

SBC stands for Squad Building Challenges, and you can find them by navigating to the Squads tab of the Ultimate Team hub. They are exactly what their name suggests; challenges in which you need to build an 11-man squad that meets certain criteria.

Some are simple and only involve players from low-level leagues. Others however some can be more difficult than others, especially as we head into the new year. If you want to build a top-tiered squad to take on ultimate team opponents, SBCs are the way to go.

Many times, players walk away with packs worth well over 50,00 coins which helps them build a monster squad. But, how do you know when you have the right squad for the challenge?

What is the FIFA SBC calculator?

This calculator is used for doing the squad challenges in the cheapest possible way. It calculates several different pieces of information that are important to doing the squad building challenges. Including the final FIFA team rating, cost of buying players at market level, and giving you a team list of player overalls.

How to use the calculator

Step 1: Pick your platform that you play on (PS4, XBOXONE, PC), this determines market prices.

Step 2: Enter the player overalls for your 11-man squad

Step 3: Get your output values

It is that simple. Values are accurate, keep in mind that market prices will change slightly as the season goes on.

Use the Sliders to adjust the individual ratings for your Squad. Focus is on finding the cheapest squad for the 84 rated SBC's in FIFA 18. Use OVR values from 81 to 89 as these are the best options for cheap squads in 84+ SBC's. If the Adjusted Average is more than the Final rating rating you can try and tweak a single squad member to a lower value, use one with a rating less than the team rating. eg with the default values (all 84) tweak one down to 83, then 82 then 81 to see what changes. A second player can be tweaked if needed. You can share unique squad combinations via the link options given (click on the icon that looks like a chain). I have added up to five spots for cards you already own. This might be useful for un-tradables or IFs as needed. If there are BRICKSLOTS enter 0 (zero) for card rating. Calculations will be accurate.

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