6 Best Test Percentage Calculator

best test percentage calculator
best test percentage calculator

Calculating percentages on tests and assessments may feel like an easy and straightforward task, but it becomes pretty repetitive and tiring when dealing with a huge number of tests.

On top of that, calculations that are done manually become susceptible to errors. 

Using test percentage calculators is a wise choice to avoid all this inconvenience. A calculator allows for marking dozens of test papers in a matter of minutes while minimizing the chances of error in the process. 

It’s crucial to find the right type of percentage calculator. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher, student, or a parent; it’s important for you to use the calculator that best suits your style and requirements.

Stick with this article, and you’ll find the best test percentage calculator for yourself. 

You’ll be able to grade those test papers in no time.

Best Test Percentage Calculator

1. Omni Calculator 

test percentage omni calculator

The Omni calculator is an online calculator and is probably the most used test percentage calculator.

They have numerous calculators related to all kinds of subjects and fields; you can use their test grade calculator to calculate test percentages and grades.

You simply need to input the total number of questions/points and the obtained number of points or questions in the test. The calculated percentage will appear in the box labeled “percentage.” 

It also has an advanced mode where you can find the grade of a particular test by assigning percentages to each Grade.

Omni calculator is also available in an app version, but it has a lot of options in the app, which might be a little overwhelming for some users.

The interface of Omni calculator might not be the most user-friendly on this list, and the ads on the website are also a bit annoying, but it’s safe to say that Omni’s test grade calculator works seamlessly.

2. Mark Calculate Calculator 

test percentage mark calculator

Mark Calculate, just like Omni Calculator, is also an online calculator, it has a variety of calculating tools like Age calculator and SIP Calculator. Marks percentage calculator is the one you should use to calculate test percentages.

Mark calculator has two parts,  the top part of the webpage is quite user-friendly and straightforward.

You just have to input the total marks and scored marks of a test, and it will give you the percentage in a huge font and vibrant colors.

The bottom part of the calculator lets you calculate an average percentage of different subjects.

You have the option to add subject names and their corresponding scores. This can be really useful for teachers and students to calculate the total average percentage of different subjects. 

Some individuals may find the second part of the calculator a little overwhelming and complex, but you can always stick to the simpler part of the calculator, and if you find the answer being displayed in a big and colorful font every time a little annoying, then this one is probably not for you. 

3. Marks Percentage Calculator by Apkfear

Marks Percentage Calculator by Apkfear

Marks percentage calculator by Apkfear is an app available on the play store, and it’s as simple as a percentage calculator can be.

You have the inputs of obtained and total marks, and just two buttons, one for calculating and one for clearing.

The app isn’t spammed by any ads and videos, which is something really rare in small android apps. One drawback of this app is that it’s unavailable for iPhone users.

4. Rapid Tables

test percentage rapid tables

Rapid Tables calculator is a bit different from all the other test calculators that we have mentioned on this list.

While other calculators ask you to input the number of correct answers or the total marks obtained, Rapid tables asks you to input the number of wrong answers.

This calculator also allows you to count the number of wrong questions as you go through the test.

Every time You click the ‘+wrong’ button, it increases the number of wrong answers by one. One thing you notice straightway on their webpage is that there are zero ads.

Rapid Tables is pretty user friendly, but it will probably be the first choice of very specific individuals.

It also has two different grading systems, which can also come in handy, but the user can’t set a custom percentage for every grade like the Omni calculator.

5. GIGA Calculator

test percentage giga calculator

The GIGA calculator is probably the simplest calculator on this list, with soft colors and a medium-sized font.

It’s a calculator that you can use for a longer period of time. It has the same inputs, just like the previous calculators that have been discussed.

GIGA calculator has a ‘copy’ button right next to where the answer is displayed. If you click the button, the percentage will be copied to your clipboard, and you can paste it wherever you want. 

GIGA calculator can come in handy if you are filling a document with test percentages on the computer.

6. BYJU’S Percentage Calculator

byju percentage calculator

The reason for mentioning this calculator on this list is that it has a huge education technology company behind it.

BYJU’S is a well-reputed company in the education industry and has tons of tools and study material for both students and teachers.

BYJU’S percentage calculator is not solely focused on test percentages, but you can, of course, use it to calculated test percentages as well.

It’s pretty quick to give you the answers and has a simple interface. The fonts of the calculator are a bit small, which might be an issue for some.

The calculator has two parts, and it’s recommended to use the left part of the calculator to determine the test percentages. The right part asks you to input a percentage which won’t work when dealing with test marks. 

How is the percentage calculated?

As you can tell by now, there are different types of test percentage calculators with different layouts and options, but in the background, they are all doing the same thing.

Even though these calculators are going to do most of the work, it’s important to know how they operate.

Calculating a test percentage is basic math; you just divide the marks obtained by the total marks of the test and then multiply the answer by 100, and you’ll have the percentage of the test.

For example:

If the test had a total of 45 marks and the student obtained 36 marks, the percentage will be calculated as follows:

(36/45) x 100

= 80% 

Advantages of Using a Test Percentage Calculator 

  • It’s way faster 

It goes without saying that using a percentage calculator makes the process of calculating percentages swift and easy. You can do the same amount of work in half the time.

  • Fewer chances of error 

Calculating percentages manually may seem like an easy task, but even the simplest tasks have room for error. After all, it’s math, and it takes one small mistake to ruin the entire work. Using percentage calculators will result in almost no error.

  • You won’t need to understand the math behind it

To calculate percentages on your own, you must have a grip on the numeric concepts of calculating percentages. Everyone may not have an understanding of the math that goes behind it, and they have to rely on these calculators.

Which One is the Best Test Percentage Calculator From the list Above?

The calculators that are listed above are all pretty good, but Mark Calculate’s calculator is the one that stands out. It is divided into two parts, and you can use them according to your requirements.

The layout is pretty simple, even for the advanced part of the calculator.

One edge that Mark Calculate has over the rest of the calculators is that it can give you the combined average of all the subjects; as mentioned earlier, it gives you the option to add or delete subjects in its advanced section. 

The best test percentage calculator varies from person to person, but Mark Calculate is a safe option to go with.

End Note

Test percentage calculators can make your life a lot easier if you’re someone who deals with test marks on a daily basis. Although the test percentage calculators will do most of the work for you, it’s still important to know the basics of calculating percentages.

The best test percentage calculator depends on the individual and their requirements. Feel free to browse through all the calculators that have been mentioned and find the best fit for yourself.

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