5 Best Odds Payout Calculator

best odds payout calculator
best odds payout calculator

The odds payout calculator is a very specific tool to calculate your payout based on a bet you made on given odds. With the internet and other better modes of communication, betting has increased exponentially.

125 Billion Dollars have been spent by Americans on sporting events alone in the last 4 years.

Betting is not a modern practice it actually goes back to before any written history, it might be a controversial topic and not everyone feels comfortable with it but one thing is for sure, betting has been part of human civilization for thousands of years and it is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Betting is a risky business on its own, regardless of what odds you’re betting on, but there are some measures that you can take to give yourself the best chances.

The odds payout calculator can be used to determine if a bet is worth it with the given odds.

This article will mention some of the best odds payout calculators that the internet has to offer, these calculators provide you with different designs and interfaces, although the method of calculations mainly remains the same.

You can quickly go through this article and find the best odds payout calculator for yourself.

This article will most probably make you more confident and careful with your bets.

Best Odds Payout Calculator

1. Action Network: Betting Odds Calculator

best odds payout calculator actionnetwork

Action Network is a website dedicated to sports and betting, you can explore betting options on a wide range of sports, like, NFL, NBA, UFC, Horse Racing, Boxing, etc.

You can’t only bet on sports here but also educate yourself on some sports and how betting works for certain sports.

The layout and interface of the calculator are pretty structured and intuitive. All the inputs required are clearly labeled above the boxes.

You need to enter the amount that you’re betting and select the betting type (Single bet or Parlay). Then you have to enter your odds in one of the given formats (American, decimal, fractional, and implied).

You’ll notice Action Network’s well structured design as soon as you enter the website.

The colors and the fonts used for both the website and the calculator are pretty simple but the website still manages to avoid a boring look. You won’t come across any ads on the website which further strengthen the look of the websites.

Once you have entered one of the odds formats after filling in your Bet Amount and Bet Type, you have your results in the bottom most box of the calculator.

Giving you your payout and your ‘To Win’ amount. Below the calculator, you have some reading material explaining the importance of odds.

2. Sports Line: Betting Calculator

best odds payout calculator sportsline

Sports Line is a sports betting website just like Action Network, discussed above. Sports Line is more focused on assisting the bets of users instead of focusing on the concept of betting.

You can expert analysis on different kinds of sports with a main focus on NFL, NBA, FIFA World Cup, and some other American Sports.

Sports Line’s Odds Payout Calculator has good UI, but it is not as structured as the one we discussed above, although the inputs required from you remain the same.

You have to enter the bet amount and the odds in any format you like. You also have the option to use a parlay calculator just on the left of the betting calculator.

If we talk about the design, Sports Line has just the design you expect from a betting platform.

A huge chunk of the website is covered with live betting stats from different matches together with brief analyses from top experts also displayed on the right side of the page.

Once you have entered all the details your expected payout and expected winning will be displayed on top of the calculator.

There are plenty of other sports and betting tools on this website that you check out in the tools section if you are someone who knows a thing or two about betting Sports Line’s payout calculator could be the one for you.

3. Odds Shark: Betting Odds Calculator

best odds payout calculator sportsline

You will mostly find odds payout calculators on sports betting websites rather than calculator websites, just like the calculators discussed above, this calculator is also a part of a sports betting website Odds Shark.

This odds payout calculator has almost similar functions to the ones discussed above but its interface is still a nice option to have.

The interface of odds payout calculators discussed until now have almost the same interfaces with small changes in layouts and options that these calculators have.

Odds Shark’s Betting Calculator has the same inputs that we have discussed for the other calculators. Enter the odds in any format you like  and then enter the bet amount.

Although the design of Odds Shark is pretty organized, you will notice some details on which they could improve.

You have to select the sport from a drop down menu, they are not listed on the main home screen which is a little inconvenient. The bar on top of the website has live betting stats, but the bar takes up a lot of space, it could have been a little thinner.

Once you have entered the betting odds and the betting amount, the payout and ‘to win’ amount will be displayed automatically. If you scroll down you can see a few steps for using the calculator, explained in a lot of detail.

4. Time Form: Bet Calculator

best odds payout calculator timeform

Unlike the calculators discussed above which focus on all types of sports, Time Form is dedicated to animal racing and football.

They have 3 main calculators on their website, Arbitrage Calculator, Dutching Calculator, and Bet Calculator, you should be interested in their bet calculator which is what you’ll use for calculating the odds payout.

UI of Time Form is a bit refreshing, it has the most unique UI on this list, even though the inputs and outputs of the calculator are similar to the rest of the calculators on this list, Time Form has still managed to come up with a creative and more intuitive design by using drop-down menus and dark color scheme.

The design of the website is also quite managed and has a really professional look. All the content of the website can be viewed from the home page and are only a click away.

The total absence of ads also makes the website a lot more convenient to work with.

Once you have entered all four of the inputs, your returns and profits will be shown below in the big yellow boxes. You have the option to add more rows for odds if you want to, simply by clicking the ‘ADD ROW’ button.

Time Form can be the ideal choice for you if you want a unique design and greater options on a calculator.

5. Pinnacle: Bet Calculator

best odds payout calculator pinnacle

Just like all the other websites on this list, Pinnacle is also a betting website. Pinnacle mainly focuses on sports, esports, and casino betting.

Along with its bet calculator, you can find plenty of other tools like an Odd Converter Calculator, Arbitrage Calculator, and Margin Calculator. Pinnacle is one of those rare websites that focus on esports and virtual sports betting.

Pinnacle probably has the simplest calculator interface out of all the calculators on this list. The thing that makes Pinnacle odds payout calculator so straightforward is the lower number of outputs and inputs.

You just have to enter your betting amount (stake) and your odds. The format options for odds are limited to Decimal, American, and Fiction.

The design of the website kind of resembles the one of Time Form, although there are no live stats of ongoing sports, most of the resemblance comes from the color scheme.

In general, the website seems quite managed and organized, without any sort of glitches or errors.

The payout will be displayed once you have entered your details, and there is also an option to add or delete odds on the calculator, which means you can add more than one odds at a time.

If you scroll down you can find some information regarding the Bet Calculator and some other blogs related to the topic.

End Note

Betting might be a risky and controversial topic but it has been a part of our lives, directly or indirectly for as long as we can remember.

There is no sport in the world that is not betted upon, and with the use of an odds payout calculator, you can at least know what you’re getting into with a bet.

All these calculators are fully capable of calculating odds payout efficiently, you just have to find the one that suits you the best.

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