6 Best Next Period Calculator

best next period calculator
best next period calculator

Periods or menstrual cycles are probably one of the most discussed topics for women’s health. The reason that they are so in focus is due to the fact that women deal with them on a regular monthly basis.

Period cycles can be an indicator of multiple health phenomena.

Periods being such a huge part of a woman’s life make them immensely important. They are essential for female fertility and reproduction, thus, is directly related to human life itself.

It’s important for you to keep a track of your periods to ensure good health.

It’s highly recommended to use next-period calculators to predict your menstrual cycle rather than relying on your intuition or calendars.

In this article, you’ll be able to go through different calculators, so you can decide which one is the best next period calculator for you.

The list below will definitely help you keep up with your period cycles.

Best Next Period Calculator

1. Period Calculator by Always

period calculator always

Always is a really popular multi-national women’s hygiene brand; they have a wide range of products, including menstrual pads, liners, and skincare products.

Their period calculator is a trustworthy online tool when predicting your next cycles.

The period calculator section has quite an intuitive interface, complying with the look and color of their brand.

You’ll just have to input the date of when your last period started, how many days did it last? And typically how long is your cycle (how days are there generally in between your periods)?

After entering all these details, click the ‘calculate my cycle’ button. You will have calendars as a result, highlighting your next period days in purple.

Always Period Calculator also gives you your fertile dates highlighted in purple on the calendars, which is also a very important detail for some couples.

There are no ads or distracting messages on the website; you can calculate your period cycle in peace.

2. OB Tampons’ Period Calculator

period calculator ob tampons

Just like Always, OB Tampons are also a brand that focuses on women’s hygiene products, but as you can tell from their name, their products mainly include tampons.

Their period calculator works just the works in the same way as the one we discussed previously by always.

The details that you have to enter are also the same, the date of your last period, for how many days it commenced, and your usual cycle time. The interface of the website and the calculator seems a little unorganized and congested.

Once you have entered all the required details, the results will be shown in the form of calendars. OB Tampons Period calculator offers you a few extra details.

It won’t only show you your next period dates but also pre period, post period, and ovulation dates, all highlighted in different colors.

Period dates for the next three months are displayed in front of you after you click the ‘track now’ button.

You can view further months if you wish to. OB Tampons also gives you to save your results in a PDF form, which can always be convenient.

3. U by Kotex’s Period Tracker

period-calculator u by kotex

U by Kotex might not be a famous brand, and you probably haven’t heard of them, but they have a wide variety of quality menstrual pads and period underwears.

U’s period tracker is a decent next period calculator that you should consider.

This period tracker asks you the enter the same three details as the previous period trackers discussed. Once you have entered the date, lasting days, and your general cycle, the results will be shown at the bottom.

Kotex’s period tracker displays your period and ovulation dates; period days are highlighted in pink, and the ovulation days are in blue.

These two are probably the most important dates women want, so if you want to avoid extra details on your period calendars, you should go with this one.

This calculator provides a quite simple and uniform interface.

It’s pretty straightforward and self explanatory, but sometimes the website scroll bar glitches a little, which can be annoying, and Kotex’s period tracker only gives you the period cycles of one year.

4. Tampax Period Tracker

period calculator tampax

Out of all the women’s hygiene brands that we have discussed in this list, Tampax has the largest variety of tampons; it’s a pretty well known and trusted brand among women.

In addition to its calculator, Tampax’s website also has a decent amount of reading material regarding period health and tampons.

Tampax period tracker has probably the best interface out of all the online period calculators discussed here. It consists of uniform and block colors with huge fonts.

Once you enter all the details (when your last period started, how many days it lasted? and the typical length of your cycle) and click start tracking, you’ll be able to see your future period and ovulation days.

Period days are marked by light blue, while the ovulation cycle is marked by dark blue.

You can click the forward arrow button to view your cycle in the coming months, and there’s isn’t a limit to how many months you want the calculator to predict.

Even though the tracker is pretty simple to use, Instructions on how to use the calculator have been mentioned if you go down at the end of the page.

5. Period Cycle Calculator by Medindia

period calculator medindia

Medindia’s website has a ton of tools and reading materials on almost every health related topic, and there’s something for everyone here.

Medina is such a huge online portal, and their Period Cycle calculator is bound to be a good one.

Although the interface of its calculator and the website itself may seem a little outdated, it gets the job done seamlessly.

You only need to enter the start date of your last period and your average period cycle, and it’ll show you the start dates of your next three periods.

This calculator lacks details on the calendar and only highlights the day when the period is predicted to begin, but most of the time, that’s all women need.

If you like your calculator to be just about the period days, Medindia’s period cycle calculator would be an efficient fit for you, but their website gets a lot of ads so that is something you might want to consider.

6. Simple Design’ Period Tracker App

period calculator simple design

Periods are such a regular part of your life, it’s important that you have access to a period calculator mobile app. Simple Design’s Period Tracker is an app widely used by women around the world.

It has more than 100 million downloads which is itself a testament to the quality of the app.

This app has a really organized interface with feminine and abstract colors. When you launch the app, a small window appears, and it asks you to enter your period dates straightaway.

It shows you how many days are left in your next period and the ovulation cycle at the top of the app.

Simple Design’s Period Tracker also lets you set a password on your app, as the information about your periods is something very personal, it’s a good idea to protect it with a password.

Even if you’re not using the app, you enable notifications that will act as a reminder for you about your next period.

The app has numerous bonus features as well; you can add notes for yourself, have a period chart and a period log.

This period tracker lets you deal with your menstrual cycle in a decently organized way. The app also has no ads at all which is always a plus point using a calculator.

Why is Calculating period timing Important?

Regular periods define not only the health of a woman’s reproductive system but their general health as well. There are numerous health concerns related to irregular period health, like:

  • Hormonal Imbalance

Your body prepares for pregnancy every month, and in order to do that, it releases hormones. Irregular periods can be an indicator of hormonal imbalance and poor reproductive system health.

  • Ovulation

Calculating your ovulation cycle is crucial in order to get pregnant, and you can’t figure out your ovulation cycle without your period cycle.

  • Bones

Bones are a part of the body that is directly related to hormone generation; irregular periods indicate poor hormone generation, which can be related to poor bone health.

End Note

It’s highly recommended that you check out all the next period calculators listed above and find the    best next period calculator for yourself. It is important that you seek medical advice if you face any irregularities in your periods.

You should stick with the results of these calculators for three months, and it’s recommended that you recalculate with a more recent date for the next three months.

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