Best Moon Calculator- 4 Options To Try

best moon calculator
best moon calculator

Moon Calculator is a really interesting tool that can be found online in the forms of apps and websites that can be used to find the phase of moon on a particular date.

These are quite useful lunar tools that can be used by everyone.

Moon is something that people have used to track time long before recorded history. It is the most noticeably changing space body. You can see the change in the shape of the moon within a matter of days.

It is not as complicated as stars and other natural seasonal cycles. Many religions still follow lunar calendars to mark the start and end of their festivals.

Chinese culture and Muslim culture a good examples of this regard.

If you search for Moon Calculator you can find tons of calculators online which will help you identify the type of moon on a particular night, but you are here because you want to find the best moon calculator, and this article will help you exactly do that.

Most of the Moon Calculators that you will find online will be on platforms that are not related to calculators but rather astrology or moon itself, so you might have not heard about these websites before.

The best moon calculators have been mentioned in this article for you to go through them, they have different interfaces and designs but mainly serve the main purpose.

Make sure you find the one that you are most comfortable with.

Hopefully, once you are done with this article, calculating the moon phase won’t be an issue for you at all.

Best Moon Calculator

1. Star Date: Moon Phase Calculator

moon calculator star date

Star Date is a website dedicated to astrological topics, you will find moon calculators mostly on websites that are Astrology related as conventional calculator websites don’t contain these types of calculators.

Star Date’s programs include star date radio, star date magazine, and sky tips email.

You can further explore all of these on the website if you want. Star Date’s Moon Calculator is certainly one of the best calculators that you will find in this category.

This calculator might not have the best interface on this list visually, but it is pretty simple to use. On the top of the calculator, you will have to input the year and month.

Star date doesn’t allow you to enter the exact date. These two are the only inputs that are required from you.

The style of the calculators makes you feel like you are using filling out an online survey rather than interacting with an interesting tool, better design elements could have been used on the calculator.

The design of the rest of the website is totally different from the calculator.

They have tried to make the website more interesting by using a bit of unorthodox design and purple space background for the website but it doesn’t clean up well.

The website does look flashy which was something they were clearly trying to aim but takes away all the credibility of the website.

Once you have entered both inputs, click ‘GO’ at the bottom of the inputs, and you will have a calendar will images of the moon for all the dates.

2. Moon Glow: Moon Phase Calculator

moon calculator moon glow

Moon Glow is not necessarily an astrological website but rather a website built for eCommerce purposes.

You can find all sorts of moon themes jewelry on this website which includes earrings, bracelets, anklets, rings, and a lot more stuff.

Now the purpose of the website is to sell all these products but to find the perfect gift a person needs to know the moon they want to go with related to a particular date, for which they have provided a pretty good Moon Phase Calculator.

The design and interface of the calculator are pretty intuitive, it is not only a great calculator from a practical point of view but is also aesthetically quite pleasing.

You have to enter the day, month, and year on the day you want the moon phase for, unlike Star Date which only gave you the option to input the month and year.

The design of the website is also really great, it is structured and all the contents and material of the website can be easily accessed from the bar above.

The website’s purpose is to sell jewelry and it does it pretty brilliantly, supporting a pretty good Moon Phase Calculator with it.

Pastel purple color has been used throughout the website uniformly which gives a soft yet defining look to the website and on top of that are no ads on the website.

Once you have entered all the details the name of the moon on the date you rented will be displayed below in big purple font and the image on the left side of the calculator will also update showing you the moon phase corresponding to that day.

The image used on the calculator is of high quality and is pretty well presented. This calculator is probably the best-designed calculator on this list.

3. Everyday Calculation: Moon Phase Calculator

moon calculator every day calculation

Everyday Calculation is one of those rare calculator websites that support a moon calculator, but it is not a popular calculator website and there are better options available when it comes to calculator websites.

Still, Everyday Calculation has a bunch of interesting calculators on different topics including; Math, Health, conversions, constructions, etc.

It is good to see a technical calculator website in all of the flashy astrological ones.

Just the like the nature of the website, the design of the calculator is quite technical.

It feels like you are using a maths or financial calculator when interacting with Everyday Calculation’s Moon Calculator, which makes it a little boring.

You have to enter the day, month, and year for the date you want to calculate the moon just like Moon Glow’s calculator discussed above.

If we talk about the design of the website it is really not that great, both the interface and design need a lot of improvement.

There is no search or navigation bar at the top of the website, you need to head to the main page if you want to switch calculators.

No color theme has been chosen for the website and there nor little to no design elements on the website. The advertisements surrounding the website make the website even more mismanaged.

With all that said, the calculations of the calculator are pretty on point, and the representation of the results for the most part is quite convenient.

Once you have entered all the results click calculate and you will get the name of the moon and an image as a result in the result window.

4. Moon Calendar

moon calculator moon phases

All the calculators that we have discussed until now are supported by websites that have a different main function, but Moonphases as you can tell from its name is all about Moon Phases.

You can find not only a high end moon calculator but a lot of other tools and information related to moon phases on this website.

The inputs of the calculator are same as the rest of the calculators discussed above as you only need a date to dtetermine the moon phase of a particular day.

This calculator has quite a structured interface, pracitcaly it is one of the best calculator interfaces on this list.

You just have to select the month and year from the drop down menus above the calculator

The design of the website also pretty great, you can see a really beautiful night sky image as the background of the website which also goes pretty nicely with the dark blue color theme of the website.

All the main sections of the website can be accessed from the top.

Once you have entered the month year for which you want to calculate the moon, click ‘GO’ and you will have the calendar for that month with moon phases shown for all the dates together with their names.

End Note

Moon is not something to only look at and admire its beauty , it has been a useful natural calendar for thousands of years, and it will continue to do so forever.

The concept of moon phases might be a little tricky for someone who is new to all this, but you will start understanding that in no time.

All of the moon calculators mentioned above are more than capable of giving you authentic and practical results.

Do keep in mind that the list mentioned above is in no particular order, and for you, the best moon calculator depends on your personal preferences.

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