Best eBay Profit Calculator- 3 Options

best ebay profit calculator
best ebay profit calculator

Best eBay profit calculators are essential tools for sellers who have less time to calculate their profits manually or they are weak at calculations. eBay profit calculators not only save your time rather they save your money as well.

You might be wondering how an eBay profit calculator saves your money.

Well, the answer is simple, you would not have to hire a manager for calculating your profits manually, and you can achieve this task through the free online eBay profit calculator.

You must have experienced that in the previous times any seller who was doing business had at least one assistant but now people work solo.

The reason is the advancements in technology. Now you can work from home through online platforms and keep a track of your calculations through the eBay profit calculators.

eBay is the largest online selling platform and millions of people buy from this website as it is authentic, trustworthy, and provides the best products.

If you are wondering to start selling products and do not have any idea about where to sell them, then eBay is your answer.

eBay does not let anyone do fake selling or fraud. So you can begin your business through eBay and keep the profit calculations on track via eBay profit calculators. They are convenient, easy to use, and hassle-free.

The eBay profit calculator lets you set up your price, get an eBay id and get an eBay selling price according to your desired profit.

You can associate your eBay selling account and your PayPal account with the eBay profit calculator and it will keep a track of your profits.

There are multiple versions of eBay profit calculators; you can use or switch on the version you like to use.

The new versions have no association with PayPal anymore. Some eBay profit calculators provide you with the option to either switch back to the old version or keep on using the new one.

Stick with the details given below to find the best eBay profit calculator that you are most comfortable with.

Best eBay Profit Calculator

1. Final Fee eBay Profit Calculator: eBay Profit Calculator

ebay profit calculator final fee

Final fee eBay profit calculator is a free tool that operates on the basic formula and it is user-friendly. It asks for your complete details and then calculates the final amount.

The details are necessary as the final fee eBay profit calculator provides you with accurate results.

The interface is a bit unclear as there are a few advertisements and pop-up website links.

The final fee eBay profit calculator is only available on the Google play store so only android users can download it on their smartphones.

For calculation, you have to insert/enter the sold price (excluding the shipping cost), shipping charges, shipping cost, and item cost (price you paid for the item) and you have to select the type of buyer you are on eBay.

Then press on ‘total profit’ and the final amount will appear in front of you.

eBay fee varies from product to product. The final fee eBay profit calculator is directly connected to eBay so it mentions the exact eBay fee of the product you are selling.

This makes your life easier because before the eBay profit calculators, the sellers had to manually find the eBay fee for their products which was a tiring and time-consuming task.

2. Zik Analytics eBay Profit Calculator: eBay Profit Calculator

ebay profit calculator zik analytics

Zik analytics eBay profit calculator is an effective tool that provides you with the correct amount of profit that your product helps you generate.

Zik analytics eBay profit calculator connects directly with your eBay selling account and keeps a track of the revenue that is generated from your products.

The interface is constructive and there are no unnecessary advertisements or cookies. All the calculations are divided into simpler steps and each step is explained in detail.

It has a table that consists two columns; one for eBay transaction fee and the second for other fees.

This helps you understand how your revenue is calculated and divided. Zik analytics eBay profit calculator provides you extra particulars like break-even price, total profit, and profit margin percentage.

You can register yourself at Zik analytics eBay profit calculator by signing up through your email address.

You receive a general pricing list of products that are being sold on eBay.

This list helps you take an idea about the common rates of the products you are trying to sell and earn a profit. From the product prices, you can deduce an estimated amount of profit you will gain.

You first have to select the ‘product’ then press ‘pricing list’.

A list of prices from different sellers on eBay, selling the same product as you, will appear in front of you.

For calculation you have to select the marketplace, then enter your item selling price, item cost, eBay fee percentage, shipping charges, shipping cost, promotion percentage, and other costs and select the type of seller you are (top-rated, above standard or below standard).

Then press on ‘calculate’ and your eBay profit will appear in front of you.

It is necessary to enter all the required particulars as zik analytics eBay profit calculator provides you accurate results. If you skip any of the required information there is a high chance of error or incorrect results.

Zik analytics eBay profit calculator is available for download via the Google play store and Apple store on your smartphone.

This assists you to use the application anywhere, anytime. It gets hard to carry your laptop or work on a desktop all the time, so using the application on your smartphone is the best alternative and solution.

If you get stuck in between your calculations or you have any questions/queries then zik analytics eBay profit calculator offers you to ask frequently asked questions (FAQs). The answer to your queries appears within seconds.

3. Omni eBay Profit Calculator: eBay Profit Calculator

ebay profit calculator omni profit calculator

Omni eBay profit calculator is an online tool that operates only if you register on the calculator through your email address. It requires you to create an account on the calculator in order to proceed with the profit calculations.

The interface is clear as there are no advertisements or pop-up website links.

Omni eBay profit calculator helps you determine the fee that is required to sell your product profitably on eBay. Manual calculations are always tricky, so omni eBay profit calculator got you covered.

Omni eBay profit calculator has a full side of explanation that tells you about eBay fees. This calculator works by associating with your eBay and PayPal accounts. You can sign up on Omni eBay profit calculator via your email address.

By signing up, you will receive all the updates, news, and track of your profit fees. If you fulfill eBay’s seller standards, then there is a high chance that you will have to pay less profit fee as compared to the ones that do not fulfill the seller standards.

For calculation you have to first select yes or no, to specify whether you fall under eBay’s standard selling category or not.

Then you have to select the category of your item, and enter item price, shipping charges, item costs, and shipping cost. Then you have specified whether you use PayPal or not.

Then you have to select ‘calculate profit’ and the answer will appear in front of you. The total fees will be divided into sub-particulars along with the external costs so you can better understand the procedure.

There are different modes and calculators available that you can use through one application/platform.

If you want to calculate the amazon eBay profit calculator then you simply have to select Amazon. You get all the calculations in one spot.

Omni eBay profit calculator offers you to use YouTube videos so you can visually learn how to use the calculator. The videos are short and easy to interpret. They are in the form of graphs and tabular representations.

End Note

Now you do not have to hire an expert or assistant for managing your profit revenue. eBay profit calculators save you time, energy, and money.

Now you can download these calculators on your smartphone and carry them around.

You can keep a track of your profits, selling, and earnings; all in one place. If you register on eBay profit calculators you receive daily or weekly updates and news. These calculators have made today’s lives easy.

There are various eBay profit calculators available in the market and online, with different interfaces, you just have to select the one which suits you the best.

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