4 Best Childs Pugh Score Calculator

best childs pugh score calculator
best childs pugh score calculator

Childs pugh score calculator is a software based medical tool that helps you predict the mortality of children with cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a liver disease in which scarring develops on the liver due to a prolonged liver damage.

You have to input a few details related to the patient and their health condition, based on which the calculator gives you a score that tells you the mortality of the patient.

Cirrhosis is a very serious disease, it mostly happens at the end stages of liver failure after a lot of damage has already been done to the liver.

Cirrhosis is responsible for thousands of deaths yearly and strongly relates to hepatitis. When dealing with such a deadly disease, you need to use the best calculators out there.

This article will be discussing the best childs pugh score calculator, which you can use to check the severity of Cirrhosis in children.

A small review of each calculator has been given, highlighting their strong and weak points so you can select the best childs pugh score calculator for yourself.

All the calculators mentioned below use the same formulas and methods to give you a score as they are calculating the same thing but have differences, mostly in design, UI, and other details. Try to find the one you feel the most comfortable with.

Cirrhosis is a serious medical condition, and these Childs pugh score calculators will give you an idea of the mortality, you must not consider them as an alternative to professional medical advice.

Hopefully, these calculators will give you an idea about the patients’ Cirrhosis conditions.

Best Childs Pugh Score Calculator:

1. MDCalc: Child Pugh Score for Cirrhosis Mortality

childs pugh calculator mdcalc

There are very few websites that are only focused on medical calculators, MDCalc is one of those websites, and not only that, it might be the most popular Medical calculators website out there.

You can search for all sorts of medical calculators on the search bar given above, and chances are that you’ll find it. MDCalc’s childs pugh score calculator is certainly one of the best you’ll find.

The interface of the calculator is pretty great, you don’t have to input anything you just choose from the options provided to you.

You have to choose an option for 5 sections in this calculator, which include Bilirubin, Albumin, INR, Ascites, and Encephalopathy.

You have 3 options for all of these sections from which you have to choose for the patient accordingly.

From a design point of view, the website is pretty on point from a practical perspective, you have the calculator, and a huge search on the top, kind of like you have on Amazon. This simple feature really helps elevate the user experience.

You can find other resources and content of the website by clicking the 3 lines at the top left corner of the website.

Once you have selected all the entries, the calculator will calculate the total points and give you a score/rating for the patient together with what it means and its mortality rate.

On the left side of the calculator, you can find calculators related to this one, and if you scroll down, you can to know about the history and creator of this method.

2. Hepatitis C Online: Child-Turcotte-Pugh (CTP) Calculator

childs pugh calculator hepatitisc

Hepatitis C Online, as you can already tell from its name, is a website dedicated to hepatitis C and other medical phenomena related to it.

You have a bunch of calculators and substance use screening tools on this website, like APRI calculator, BMI Calculator, CrCl Calculator, etc.

Apart from tools, you can also find stuff like HCV medications, Course Modules, HCV Biology, etc. Hepatitis C Online is a technical website, to say the least.

The UI of the calculator is almost similar to MDCalc, you don’t have to input anything manually and just select the right options from the 5 sections Bilirubin, Albumin, International Normalized Ratio, Ascites, and Encephalopathy.

The design of the calculator is a little more boring than the one we discussed above, as Hepatitis C Online uses pretty basic colors.

The design of the website, in general, is not bad, it is actually pretty good from a practical standpoint all the calculators are on the left side, just one click away, and the rest of the contents of the website are displayed on the top for easy navigation.

There are no ads on the website which is always good for a website, both visually and practically.

Each selection you make on the calculator corresponds to a number of points, the higher the number the more severe the disease.

Once you are done with all your selections, the calculator adds up all the points and gives you a final score mentioning the class of severity and what it means.

You can find ‘Related Activities’ if you scroll down a bit which includes questions and exercises related to  childs pugh score calculator, which you can try out if you are a medical student.

3. Medscape: Child Pugh Score

childs pugh calculator medscape

Medscape is a really popular medical portal used by medical professionals and by people who don’t have much much medical knowledge.

Although there are a lot of calculators on this website, it is not necessarily a medical calculator website.

You find medical tools, news, information on drugs and diseases, and a whole lot of other stuff on this website. Medscape is, without a doubt, one of the best medical websites out there.

The inputs of this calculator are the same as the ones discussed above but the design and UI are totally different. While in the calculators mentioned above you have to select all the options at once here you have to answer them one by one.

You can see on the left side of the calculator all the questions that the calculator is going to ask you.

The design of Medscape’s website just might be the best on this list, if not the best out of all the medical websites. The light blue color goes pretty well with the medical theme and also makes the website look uniform.

It is hard to find a flaw in the design from a practical point of view, all of it seems quite convenient for the user.

As you keep answering the questions, your answers will be displayed in front of each question on the questions list to your left. Once you are done with all of them you will get a total of 7 results.

Which will include the Child Pugh Score, Chronic Liver Disease Class, Estimated 1-year Mortality Rate, Estimated 2-year Mortality Rate, Estimated 3-month Mortality Rate after TIPSS, Estimated 12-month Mortality Rate after TIPSS,  and Estimated 36-month Mortality Rate after TIPSS.

4. MSD Manual: Child Pugh Classification for Severity of Liver Disease

childs pugh calculator msdmanuals

MSD Manual is a website just like Medscape but just not as popular, which doesn’t mean that it is any less capable. You can find resources, news, topics, procedures, and quizzes related to thousands of medical topics.

It also supports some tools related to diseases and drugs and its childs pugh score calculator can be a decent choice for you.

The layout and UI of the calculator are pretty similar to MDCalc and Hepatitis C Online, discussed at the top of this list. You have select options related to similar sections that include Bilirubin, Albumin, INR, Ascites, and Encephalopathy.

This layout may seem a little repetitive but there is a reason that it used by so many calculators.

Practically the design of the website is really good and convenient, you have your main section at the top of the website clearly mentioned, and below that, you see alphabetical letters which you can press to go straight to the topics starting from a specific letter.

Once you have made your selections the total score will be displayed in a small box below, a bigger font would have been better here but it works fine.

Below the calculator you have a table with  child pugh scores and their Chronic Liver Disease Class, so you can check the class for your score.

End Note

Cirrhosis is a tragedy, and a lot of people and their families have to go through this all over the world, childs pugh score calculator can be used by anyone, a family member, a medical professional, and even medical students.

Make sure you input all the details in these calculators carefully and as accurately as possible so you can get an accurate score.

It can’t be stressed enough that you should not make any decisions based on the scores that these calculators give. There are a lot more technical procedures analyzed by medical professionals before giving a verdict.

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