6 Best Chi-Square Calculator To Choose

best chi-square calculator
best chi-square calculator

Whether it’s market research or a college project, you’ll have to rely on the Chi-Square test to make sense of the statistical data.

After a thorough survey of customers or any other subject, this statistical method will help you sort out the relation between two variables.

This method can become a solid foundation for your thesis or any other initiative that you wish to take.

In the Chi-Square test, all the focus is on judging the response in one variable after changing the other variable. So, you’ll be able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the project.

However, this concept can be a bit complicated as you need to perfectly match the research data to the variable criteria brought forward by this test.

So, it is not that rare for people to get stuck in this step of their projects.

Luckily, there are quite a few Chi-Square calculators available on the internet that will make the procedure effortless for you.

So, let’s go through a compressive list of the best Chi-Square Calculators. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find an option that best fits your requirements! 

Best Chi-Square Calculator

  1. Good Calculators – Chi-Square Test

good calculators

The developer team working on this website is committed to helping entrepreneurs and students with their research.

All calculators on this online platform are free and based on open-source licenses and JavaScript.

Users can directly input the expected as well as observed values in the mentioned sections and proceed with the calculation.

This platform brings a simpler interface with clear instructions and plenty of examples.

The calculations are almost instant, and the results are presented in an easy-to-reach table with clear Chi-square Component values.

Furthermore, visitors can rely on this value and define the degrees of freedom to calculate the P-Value directly.

Good Calculators is undoubtedly the best calculator on the market, which is why it maintains the top spot on our list.

Make sure to reach out to the customer care panel maintained by this platform if you get confused about any particular calculator.

  1. GraphPad – Chi-Square Calculator

graph pad

With almost three decades of market presence, this software and online platform have been serving visitors with exceptional consistency.

It has recently become the global leader as an ideal R&D software. So, if you’re looking for a reliable Chi-Square Calculator, GraphPad has got you covered.

Unlike two input boxes on the Good Calculators platform, you’ll get a complete form with space for defining categories for each variable.

From there, you can easily add the observed and expected variables. However, the max limit here is 20 variables each. So, you need to be mindful of the available space.

Once the data is added, you can view results by clicking on the calculate now button.

A clear form with the results will be presented, and you can make use of the results to further calculate the P-value.

This platform is just as good as Good Calculators and will serve you well in the long run.

For more resources, you can always rely on the Prism subscription, and you’ll get 24/7 support from the customer care team.

So, if you’re running a business and need data sorted out for you, then Prism is the next big thing.

  1. LibreTexts – Chi-Square Calculator

libre texts

The Goodness of fit calculator brought forward by this platform might not be as refined as some of the other options mentioned here, but it sure is reliable.

Instead of the complete form, you will get two rows for the expected and observed variables.

You can separate the variables by adding a comma between two variables, and that’ll be it.

From there, you don’t even have to define the category, and this calculator will take care of the rest. Along with the Chi-Square results, you will also be presented with the P value.

Many coders and students find this calculator to be more suitable as it is faster than any other option mentioned here.

However, when it comes to entrepreneurs and business professionals, the reviews are not that great.

The bland interface and the limited flexibility of this calculator are almost suffocating for some experts.

So, keep that in mind if you’re looking for something to help you through business projects.

There are other calculators available on this platform as well, but the bland interface is consistent across all of these options.

Still, there is no harm in giving LibreTexts a shot. There is a chance that you will like it over the other options mentioned here.

  1. Social Statistics – Chi-Square Calculator

social statistics

This online calculator does bring an easy setup with a complete and compact table.

By defining each group and category, users will have more control over managing larger groups.  Moreover, the input data can be scaled up to fit the demands of every project.

However, a bad thing about this platform is that it is loaded with advertisements.

While you don’t have to deal with any pop-ups or anything, the ads on the side of the page can be somewhat distracting. On the upside, the calculator, along with all of its features, is completely free.

You can’t beat this price, and there is no point in complaining about the ads when you’re not willing to spend a single penny.

So, browse through the Social Science Statistics calculator as well if you want a complete table with category and group names.

Sadly, this platform is also not viable for any business projects, and we recommend that you try out the GraphPad option.

It might be a bit heavy on your budget, but it is more than enough to help you with all of the business research requirements.

  1. Statistics Kingdom – Chi-Square Test Calculator

statistics kingdom

The developers behind this online platform recognize that statistics can be a bit hard to manage at times.

If you’re not constantly refreshing your understanding of this field, you’re bound to fail at some point. Luckily, Statistics Kingdom provides expert support to address this situation.

The Chi-Square calculator brought forward by this website doesn’t only help with the basic variables but also provides more control with defining continuity, impact, significance, and repetition of the simulation.

So, you’ll get a comprehensive result that can further be altered to perfectly match the project criteria.

  1. Evoloytics – Chi-Square Calculator


Having trouble understanding conversion differences between A/B? Evoloytics brings a variety of calculators to help even beginners get through even the most difficult projects.

You will have an effortless time with this platform, even if you’ve never touched an online calculator.

Each step of the process brings detailed guides along with practical examples.

Moreover, you can also increase the number of variables over 20 if the project requirements call for it. So, keep that in mind if you are struggling to find a suitable calculator.

From business POV to basic research projects and everything in between, you’ll get effortless management with the Evoloytics calculator.

The best thing about his platform is that you’ll be able to access several business management solutions. So, if you need further integration, rely on Evoloytics.

So, Which One Is The Best Among These Options?

When you’re talking about the best Chi-Square calculator for business, we will only recommend GraphPad.

However, you can still test out your luck with the Evoloytics solutions. It all comes down to your budget, and going with either one of these options will serve you perfectly.

If you’re not that worried about the budget, then going with GraphPad is not that bad of an option.

However, if you’re still not sold on its pricing model, going with Evoloytics is the better option. So, judge your budget before making the final decision.

On the other hand, if you just need a quick calculator for your college projects, then going with any one of these options is not a bad idea.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find an option that best fits the project and will help you consistently over the semester.

Wrapping Up

These six calculators will serve you perfectly through any project.

While every platform brings its unique value, you’ll get almost the same results. Some platforms like GraphPad will bring more control, and you can further manipulate the results.

All of these platforms are completely free for every visitor. However, you can access the subscription plans for your business, and that will make it better for upcoming projects.

Try to prioritize convenience over the budget spent on the subscription.

You’ll see a significant boost in the performance of the business over the years while relying on these services.

So, instead of only looking at the expense, try to account for the value and the saved time. You’ll surely find that the business flow is much smoother when you’re engaged with these services.

With that said, if you’re confused about any section, be sure to reach out. You can also rely on the customer care team maintained by these platforms.

So, keep that in mind, and don’t be shy to reach out. Hopefully, you’ll be able to clear up any and all confusion by engaging these experts.

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