3 Best Azure Cost Calculator To Watch Out For!

best azure cost calculator
best azure cost calculator

Azure Cost Calculator is a Microsoft pricing calculator that assists you to understand the costs of transferring all your workloads to the Azure cloud.

It estimates all the prices once all your data and information are moved to the Azure cloud.

It displays the prices of Azure Virtual Machines (AVM) with different sizes and configurations consisting of memory, CPU, location, storage and hours of usage.

Azure cost calculator offers accurate cost estimation of Azure services. These calculators help different organizations to take decisions considering the total cost through Azure cost calculators.

They offer tutorials, pictorial representation and guidelines to make you better understand how to use the azure cost calculator.

Azure cost calculators are installed in Azure virtual machines. These calculators can be installed on smartphones as well.

They are available on the Google play store and Apple store so you can carry out the calculations with just a few clicks.

They are convenient, quick, easy to use and user-friendly. They allow you to carry out big calculations and get accurate results. They allow you to store a wide range of data according to your requirement.

Different azure cost calculators have different specifications and they help you calculate different particulars depending on their capabilities.

If you spend a large amount of your money on cloud spaces and still have no idea where and how you are spending that money, then these calculators are the right tool for you.

You can manage, compile and look after all the spending with the help of azure cost calculators.

The desktop azure cost calculators are convenient for large calculations as you can store big sums there and leave the calculations in the middle and the calculator will show the calculations from where you left them.

These calculators have made the lives of today’s people easy and stress-free.

Azure cost calculators allow you to use these calculators for free; the trial modes are available for every type. You do not necessarily require an email address to register with these calculators.

They also provide you with on-demand computing resources on payment.

They allow you to identify the cheapest given locations or the cheapest location for your virtual machine globally.

You can also compare azure cost calculators to other clouds (this option is exclusively available for all azure cost calculators).

Best Azure Cost Calculator

  1. Citrix Azure Cost Calculator: Azure Cost Calculator

azure cost calculator citrix

Citrix Azure cost calculator is an effective tool that helps you calculate your estimate and formulate a report for all your spending.

You can use Citrix Azure Desktop mode so it is easier for you to work on a bigger screen rather than working on a smartphone.

The interface is clear with no unnecessary advertisements and cookies. There are attached article links that are related to cost savings and analysis, benefits of azure cost calculator and so much more.

You can even sign up through an email address so you can take fundamental training classes.

Microsoft Azure cost can be complex and tricky, so Citrix Azure cost calculator is here to rescue you.

You do not have to worry about errors because it is accurate and provides you with detailed results to make you better understand the procedure and method. You can estimate your savings when you add Citrix to your desktop.

Citrix Azure cost calculator offers testimonials so you can read about the experiences of previous users or clients and learn from them.

Citrix claims to provide you with accurate results and the testimonials are proof of that. It offers you the fastest and most cost-effective transition to Azure.

Citrix Azure cost calculator is user-friendly and guarantees you to secure all your data so you have peace of mind and security.

There are detailed articles that talk about the benefits of Citrix Azure Virtual Desktop so you can use it according to your satisfaction.

For estimating your savings when you add Citrix to Azure virtual desktop; you have to add up to six individual user types by selecting the different options given below, then add the number of users, type of your workload, user needs, and working hours per month.

You can select the option of auto-scale savings as well. Then click on ‘Calculate Now’ and the calculator will display the results.

You also get managed desktop as a service which serves to make the whole transition process cost-effective and firm. You get to experience the modern digital workspace experience.

  1. Spot (by NetApp) Azure Cost Calculator: Azure Cost Calculator

azure cost calculator spot

Spot (by NetApp) Azure Cost Calculator is a very intelligible tool that assists you to estimate your azure costs one step at a time.

It provides you with the opportunity to define your workloads and generate the economic analysis of the total cost of your deployment that you expect.

The interface is a bit tedious with a few cookies. It has a variety of video tutorials that show you how to use the Spot (by NetApp) Azure cost, calculator.

There are many examples to make you understand the whole process and procedure. It provides you with the details of the real resources.

You can even request a demonstration so you can follow the steps and use the Spot (by NetApp) Azure Cost Calculator. It also has the option of online expert assistance for twenty-four hours.

You can ask questions and solve your queries by talking to the virtual assistant present online. You can either type your questions or contact the assistant via zoom.

The calculation procedures are divided into simple and understandable steps along with the pictorial representation of each step so you can better comprehend the method.

You can follow the procedure step by step and achieve the result that you are looking for.

For calculation it is necessary to have an account; you have to sign up through an email address. After creating an account on Spot (by NetApp) Azure Cost Calculator you can carry out the calculations.

The input boxes will not appear until you register with the calculator through an email address.

It allows you to compare the cost attained by Spot (by NetApp) Azure Cost Calculator with other clouds.

This way you can have a better insight into various Azure Cost Calculators. After every paragraph, you will find an attached link to the relevant article for more information and knowledge.

There are multiple graphs and authentic resources. You can even follow the blog for getting the latest updates and information.

You can even request a report for all your calculations; which comprises of different pie charts, graphs and pictures.

You can also get updates through their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter etc. so you do not have to sign up to get updates.

  1. Microsoft Azure Cost Calculator: Azure Cost Calculator

azure cost calculator microsoft azure

Microsoft Azure Cost Calculator is a readily available tool to be used in Microsoft for estimating the costs of various products. It helps you to get a rough idea of the cost of your products.

You can even try Microsoft Azure Cost Calculator for free for a month. Once the free one-month trial is over, you can subscribe by paying for it.

The interface is pretty clear with no unnecessary advertisements or pop-up links.

Microsoft Azure Cost Calculator is available for download on smartphones through the Apple store and Google play store, so the Azure calculator is just a few clicks away.

Microsoft Azure Cost Calculator as the name indicates; works the best in Microsoft whether it be desktop or smartphone.

It offers you example scenarios so you can try and test the results for getting satisfied and then opt for the paid version.

It has a list of all the products it offers you for free that are present globally. Due to its versatile nature, you can get better and more accurate results.

In case you are unable to comprehend something, it has the option to sign up for the questions and answers session. You can either type your question or verbally ask your query via zoom.

To calculate you have to create an account so to get the best results. Once the account is created, you have to enter all the required information and click on ‘calculate’.

Once the results are displayed in front, you can request a detailed report so to get a complete idea of your savings.

Microsoft Azure cost calculator provides complete security for your data and protects it against any cyber suspicious acts.

The online twenty-four-hour expert is always available to assist you and answer your questions.

End Note

Azure Cost Calculators have made ssthe lives of today’s people extremely easy. They do not have to hire any expert or team for this estimation. Now azure cost calculators are just a few clicks away.

There are various Azure cost calculators in the market with various interfaces, you just have to the best one for yourself.

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