What Is The Best Rational Zeros Calculator?- 3 Picks

best rational zeros calculator
best rational zeros calculator

A rational zeros calculator is a mathematical tool that helps you find the rational roots of a polynomial using the rational zeros theorem.

There are a lot of methods that you can use to determine the roots of a polynomial and the rational zeros theorem is one of the more complex methods.

One thing that you need to know about this method is that it can only be used for polynomials, which refers to equations that only have one variable.

For example, x² − 4x + 7 qualifies as a polynomial whereas the expression x² − 4y + 7 doesn’t.

A calculator not only makes the calculations easier but also a lot faster. All you have to do is enter the expression and the rest will be done by the calculator.

Even though most of the work will be done by the calculator, it is advised that you learn as much as you can about the basic concept before using the calculator.

There aren’t many calculators on the internet that are dedicated to the rational zeros theorem and finding a good one is even rarer.

In this article, some of the best rational zeros calculators have been listed. So, if you want to find the calculator that suits you the best, stick with the details given below.

A small review for each of the calculators has also been given below, highlighting their best and worst features.

Hopefully, once you are done with this article you will be able to solve rational zeros questions with a lot more confidence.

What Is The Best Rational Zeros Calculator?

1. E Math Help: Rational Zeros Theorem Calculator

rational zeros calculator e math help

E Math Help is a website fully dedicated to solving math problems by providing intuitive tools and methods.

You can find content related to all most all mathematical topics, like; calculus, algebra, linear algebra,  discrete math, etc.

You also get access to a number of games which is a very interactive way to sharpen your skills.

The design of the calculator is very simple but a little unorganized. There isn’t any specific flaw in the design but it just feels a bit untidy in general.

You have a text box where you have to input the expression for which you calculate the roots using the rational zeros theorem. The calculator is not that intuitive as it doesn’t even have a keyboard to enter the arithmetics, which is generally uncommon for calculators of this type.

E Math Help’s website design is just like you would expect it to be. It has that conventional website design that you see on math or calculator websites.

And for the most part, it works fine. There are a few sections on the website dedicated to ads but they are empty which feels a bit odd from the user’s perspective.

Once you have entered your equation click the blue button labeled as ‘CALCULATE’ and you will get your results below.

In the result section, you will have the equation you entered, the detailed solution, possible rational roots, and actual rational roots for the polynomial you entered.

If you scroll down to the end of the page, there is a discussion section where you can leave some comments about the calculator or read what others have to say about it.

2. All Math: Rational Zeros Calculator

rational zeros calculator all math

All Math is a mathematics website dedicated to tools and calculators.

It is not a widely known website and has a limited user base. But that doesn’t mean that it is less capable than any other website on this list.

There are more than 450 calculators on this website which are not just limited to maths. You can also find calculation tools related to physics, electronics, chemistry, etc.

All Math certainly has one of the best rational zeros calculators out there. The calculator is pretty simple to use, you only have to input the polynomial whose roots need to be determined.

There is a small keyboard icon on the text box which gives you a few arithmetics that you can input.

You can also generate a random example by clicking the ‘Load Example’ at the top.

The design of the website isn’t that great because there isn’t much content on the website except the calculators.

The whole website feels blank, even the header has no buttons on content except the All Math logo.

Something that you do see on the website other than calculators is ads. Which are generally not constructive features to have on a website.

Although there is night mode on the website which is something unique to see on a calculator website.

Once you have entered the expression, click the ‘Calculate’ button and you will the actual rational roots displayed below.

3. Omni Calculator: Rational Zeros Calculator

rational zeros calculator omn

There are tons of calculator websites that have a wide range of pretty good and functional calculators. And Omni Calculator just might be the best calculator website out here.

It has all the features that you need from a platform related to calculation.

It has an immaculate design, an easy-to-use interface, and probably the largest variety of calculators.

The UI for all the calculators in Omni Calculator is almost the same, even from different categories. Which makes the whole experience quite uniform.

For the inputs of this calculator, first, you need to choose the degree of the polynomial that you are going to enter.

Then, you just need to enter the constants for the polynomial and not the entire expression.

This simple feature on this calculator really elevates the user experience, as the inputs become way easier. As stated earlier, this website has a flawless design.

An abstract background really facelifts the whole platform. It even changes colors based on the category of calculator that you are using.

There are a few advertisements on the website but you would hardly notice them as they are placed quite strategically.

Once you have entered all the constants, your results will be displayed below automatically.

There are also some details about the calculator that you can access from the table of contents if you are interested.

Which Calculator is the Best?

There aren’t many options available when it comes to rational zeros calculators. There are a lot of tools that are related to this concept but it is hard to find the ones that are totally dedicated to it.

But, the calculators mentioned above provide you with sufficient variety and options.

Although they serve the same purpose and carry out similar calculations, there are still quite a few things that they differ in.

Let’s see if any of these differences make one calculator the best among these 3.

E Math Help gives you a simple and easy UI to interact with. There aren’t many complications and extra features on this calculator and it will be well-suited for users who want a simple experience.

But one thing that you must keep in mind is that the design of the website is a congested one and offers a relatively unattractive user experience.

All Maths is quite similar to E Math Help in terms of inputs but offers a better design and user experience. Even though the design is good in terms of looks, it still lacks practicality.

Omni Calculator is the only website on this list that is not totally dedicated to maths. It offers the user a much simpler way of inputting the expression without typing it all out.

On top of that, it has the best-designed website and calculator on this list.

In the end, choosing the best calculator comes down to the individual user. But, if we have to name a calculator as the top pick, it would be Omni Calculators’ rational zeros calculator.

End Note

The rational zeros theorem is a topic that a lot of students struggle and it is understandable. A calculator that can compute rational roots can prove to be an immensely useful tool.

Its use is not just limited to students, even instructors can use the websites mentioned above to access these calculators.

Make sure you go through all the calculators listed above as each of them is qualified to give you accurate answers. Focus on their noteworthy features and try sticking with the one that best suits you.

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